Why I Bid Adieu to Marijuana


This past New Year’s Eve, I decided to take my last bong rip and kiss weed goodbye from my everyday life.  I’ve never been a super heavy stoner, but over the past few years my usage slowly crept up on me.  At first I would just use it once in a while for fun, then I realized how helpful it was for relaxation, so I started using it before bed to help me sleep better.  One thing lead to the next, and then it was after every big meal to settle my stomach, or sometimes before long walks to better relax, space out, and tune into nature, having fun with a wake ‘n bake on a weekend, or before a painting session to help me let loose and let creative ideas flow.

Over the years, the more I used it, the more the fun & creativity aspect wore off, and it became more of a crutch to lean on.  I no longer thought I could come up with creative ideas on my own, I’d smoke first and THEN wait for ideas to flow.  But after a while that stopped too.  I mostly just became lazy, and even though I would get good ideas, I lacked the energy and motivation to execute them.

The past year I’ve had a love/hate relationship with weed because although I realize it is an amazing herb that can help a lot of people, I don’t believe it has the same effects on everyone, every time.  You really have to use your own discernment and decide if it is something that jives with you or not.

I believe in balance, and weed is no exception.  Egyptians, Native Americans and Shamans may have used weed, but it was with a great respect, as a tool to enhance the mind/body/spirit, during ceremonies and spirit walks.  I noticed I was no longer respecting the plant and all of it’s power, but instead just abusing it.  I was ready to stop for good.

It’s been 15 days since my last smoke and I am really proud of myself.  I have so much more energy and motivation, despite lack of sleep.  I’ve been a lot more productive and optimistic, and I’ve been feeling positive emotions I haven’t felt in a really long time. It’s weird because I actually do love and respect marijuana, I just don’t have a place for it in my every day life at this time. Too bad because it’s finally becoming legal everywhere in the USA, haha, but I don’t really care. I’m having a lot of fun doing dream work too, when before when I would smoke I wouldn’t have any dreams at all! I can’t wait to have another out of body experience, I feel like weed may have been hindering my ability to break through again. We shall see!

In any event, I don’t judge anyone who smokes because I believe choosing marijuana for healing over some man made pharmaceutical crap is always going to be a better choice.  However, comma, (as my dear Uncle Steven would say), just because it comes from the Earth does not mean it is automatically good for you.  There are plenty of deadly plants out there that aren’t meant for human consumption.  Mary Jane can help alleviate a lot of issues, but don’t give your power away to it.







Distance Healing: How does it work?

Is it really possible to send healing energy to someone physically located in another place? Yes, and it’s not as unfathomable as one may think.  This type of non-local healing can also be use to send positive energy to different moments in time.  Whether it’s a past traumatic event that needs healing, or a future event you would like to go well, either are fantastic ways to use non-local healing.

My current understanding & philosophy of the universe is that everything is made of vibration.  I’m not religious, but even the bible states, “In the beginning was the Word, and the word was with God, and the word was God.” [John 1:1]  What was that word? No, sorry, the bird’s not the word this time.  It was ‘Om’ or ‘Aum’. You may know it as the calming chant from yoga class, but this sacred sound (or vibration) actually represents consciousness in many religions, such as Hindu and Buddhism.

Now, imagine these vibrations can be so dense they create the illusion of solid structure.  That is the nature of the reality we live in – we are all made of energy waves.  Everything, down to our thoughts, are energy waves.

An energy healer uses the power of intention (thought forms) to send energy across space & time to the recipient.  Reiki practitioners also have specific symbols that can be also be used to bridge time & space and empower the healing.  Think of it sort of as sending a text. Even though it can’t be physically seen as it travels, we know it works by evidence of the message appearing on the phone.  You dial the number of the person you wish to reach, visualize then write the message, and once sent, it appears on the recipient’s phone.  Sending energy through a distance healing is the same way, except in this form, the evidence can be healing.

Distance healing is extremely powerful and just as potent as in-person healing.  Unlike hands-on sessions, distance healing can be done a lot quicker, in only 10-15 minutes.  The effectiveness can be increased by repeating over the course of a few days.

I’ve used distance healing on friends, family, pets, weddings and travel plans, with great success.  If you’re at all interested it may be time to give it a try.  Best part is you can do it from the comfort of your own home, in your underwear, if you really wanted to!  Happy healing, my friends!

The Rose Technique


A few weeks ago I began my Reiki Master training.  The day before my first class, I asked my guides for a message, and I kept seeing a big red rose. It didn’t mean anything to me at the moment, so I jotted it down in my journal and continued on with my day, not giving it any more thought.

Fast forward to my first Reiki Master class, and my teacher says, “I’m so excited for today’s class! I’m going to teach you something called ‘The Rose Technique’, which is great for empaths.”

Suddenly it clicked, my guides were bringing my attention to this technique, and how helpful it is.  I’m so happy to share with you how you can use this technique as well.  It is great when you are being bombarded by negative energy that you don’t want to absorb, or having an interaction with someone who is spewing negative energy at you.

It is very simple but powerful.  In your mind, visualize a beautiful rose, it can be any color, whatever is most pleasing to you.  If someone is sending negative energy/words/etc your way, just imagine the rose in between you and the person exuding the negative energy, and imagine all of this energy being absorbed into the rose, and not even reaching you.  It’s as if the rose is a magnet, and it is shielding your aura from the attack.  When it is full,  let the rose transmute the negative energy into positive energy, picture it bursting into beautiful golden light, and returning this energy (now positive) back to the sender.

I’ve tried this a few times at work and it is amazing to feel and witness the effects.  The key is to remember to do it in the moment, which takes some practice, but once you begin to use it consistently, you’ll remember you have this tool in your tool belt at all times, ready for your use whenever you need it!

Mind/Heart Balance


Don’t let your mind (ego) trump your heart (intuition).  I am learning to trust my intuitive hunches over my thoughts, and the times I do, life seems to flow easier.  You’ve probably heard the old sayings, “I felt it in my heart”, or “I had a gut feeling”….these are the effects of emotions (energy) alerting your physical body first, then your mind begins to analyze the information it received.  Being a Virgo sun, I tend to over-analyze every situation, so this practice of paying attention to my feelings in the present moment, before judging them, has been helping me immensely!  Hope it helps you too!

All in a Day’s Work


This morning I asked my Angels & Guides, “What should I focus on today?”, and received the ENERGY WORK card.  Since I practice self-reiki on the reg, I didn’t think much of it – thanked my angels & guides for their advice, and went about my merry way.

Later on when I got home from work, I had a text from my cousin. Her Great Dane had just been diagnosed with osteosarcoma, bone cancer.  She was really upset and asked if I could send him some distance Reiki.  I jumped at the chance, and within minutes I was back in my meditation zone with the delicious scent of incense wafting through the air…

I could feel the heat and tingling sensations building in my hands, and before I knew it 20 minutes had flown by.  Although I was in Vermont and they were in Massachusetts, she told me he was whimpering, and even barked!  Reiki, and energy work, is both amazing and real…

Meditation Experiences

Over the past year or so I committed and began to grow a consistent meditation practice. I usually like to get in a good 15-20 minutes every morning before I start my day. It helps me clear my head and connects me to my heart space and positive energy. I like to do this in the quiet of the early morning, before I go out into the hustle & bustle of life.  Every single day is a different experience, which is why I look forward to it – I never know what will happen on any given day.  I’ve always been weird, so I suppose you can add “loves to meditate” to that list too 🙂

After about 5-10 minutes I settle in, and most days I typically see a swirling purple vortex or purple fog/mist, or beautiful waves of colors like the aurora borealis or northern lights.  Other times I see orbs, and a pair – one white, one black – visit me on the regular. I just watch as they do their dance and disappear, because if I focus too much on them they disappear.  I also love to experiment with different breathing techniques (pranayama), I especially enjoy Nadi Shohana, the alternate nostril breathing technique, because it is one of the few things that really calms my racing mind.

Then there’s the third eye twitching, or as I’ve read Robert Monroe refer to it as “eye strobing”.  This is when the middle portion of your forehead, between the eyebrows at the Ajna or third eye chakra, twitches as if uncontrollably as if being zapped by some invisible magnetic charge.  It’s nothing scary, actually it’s very common for me. I’ve just learned to accept & ignore it.

No matter what happens or doesn’t happen during meditation, it really doesn’t matter. As curious as I am, there’s no reason to overthink it.  As my guide once said, “if you make a big deal about meditation, you ruin the whole point of meditation: being 100% focused in the moment.”  Keep it simple, sit down and show up, day after day, and I promise after some time you’ll see results and feel better. Don’t listen to me though, the only way to know is to try it yourself!


Transformative Power of Grief


Last year shortly after I lost my close cousin Sam, I was having a tough time understanding and getting through the grief, and nothing really seemed to help. After some time, I decided it couldn’t hurt to try and use my meditation & yoga practice to guide me through the enormous amount of grief and loss I was feeling.  Some days I simply couldn’t muster the gumption do anything (depressed = deep-rest, right?), but I tried not to get too down on myself, but instead just sat, cried, and felt my feelings even though it was horrible to face the truth that Sam was gone from this lifetime and I wouldn’t see him again for a long time.

Anyway, one day when I was meditating I saw in my mind’s eye a beautiful Monarch butterfly. It was the side view of the butterfly and it was flapping it’s wings gracefully. Soon after, a flood of golden light, sparkles, and a feeling of peace and optimism washed over me.  I realized my guides were trying to tell me that even though it was an extremely difficult time, I was actually undergoing a huge spiritual transformation.

It is said that caterpillars have very limited eyesight, only being able to make out shadows & blurs, but once they undergo the transformation into a butterfly, they can actually see a larger spectrum of colors than humans!  If the caterpillar was too scared to go into his cocoon and make the change into a butterfly, he might never know the incredible world he is living in and the amazing abilities & gifts hidden inside him!

I thought this was so cool and a perfect metaphor for what I am going through right now. My psychic senses have been improving everyday, but only because I allow myself to dive deep inside my heart to be with my pain, feel it, not judge it.  At first this was incredibly difficult, painful, and scary thing to do.  But after a year of practicing this, I no longer feel the extreme grief I felt at the beginning, but instead, a sense of wonder and gratitude for what Sam’s loss has taught me about appreciating every day and every moment, for you never know when your world can get tipped upside down again.

Believe me, I get it.  I know from first hand experience how difficult it can be to find anything positive to think about during extremely tough times.  If you can find even ONE thing to be grateful for and try to focus on that for a moment instead, it can help.  For me, it was being grateful for having had that person in my life and appreciating everything he taught me, the fun times we had together, and knowing deep down in my heart that everything in the universe is as it should be – even when it seems like everything is falling apart.  If there wasn’t darkness, you wouldn’t be able to know what light is. You need to feel and recognize the difficult times in order to also know and appreciate the feelings of joy and happiness to the fullest.

Keep on trucking, don’t be hard on yourself, and try to find anything positive to focus on…even if it’s as simple as the blue sky.  Give yourself permission to grieve, dig deep inside your own heart, and you too will find there is still a bright shining light within you just waiting to be stoked again.